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The SmartFan fan speed control and alarm product line has been designed to satisfy the broadest possible range of fan speed control and fan alarm applications, including both DC motor speed control and AC motor speed control. However, as no one product can anticipate every customer requirement, Control Resources specializes in providing cost effective, custom fan speed control, alarm and cooling solutions to the electronics, telecommunication and HVAC industries. Control Resources has produced custom fan speed control and alarm products and special versions of our standard products for many OEM control applications.

Custom Fan Speed Controls & Alarms – Special Parameters

Many parameters of SmartFan catalog products are easily modified to meet your custom fan speed control & alarm needs.
These include:
  • Idle speed
  • Control point (temperarture, humidity or pressure)
  • Control slope (sensitivity)
  • Alarm trigger points
  • Special alarm outputs
  • Custom I2C communications

Custom Fan Speed Controls & Alarms – Custom Designs

We have more than 25 years experience designing and producing custom SmartFan fan speed control and fan alarm products. Here are just a few of our customers.
With over 350 custom designs for OEM fan speed controls and alarms since 1984, we are equipped to handle your specific requirements including the following:

  • Custom packaging, including circuit board shape, special connectors and fan tray design/build
  • Unique power or fan quantity requirements
  • Fan supply voltage regulation, “clamping”
  • Redundant “diode OR’d” power supplies
  • EMI filtering
  • Hotplug capability
  • Full voltage startup
  • In-rush current limiting “soft start” at startup
  • Boosting fan voltage above supply voltage
  • Fan speed control based on :
    • Temperature
    • Temperature differential
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • VDC or current input
    • I2C, RS232 or other control signal
    • Remote transducer
  • Fan synchronization
  • Redundant or multiple OR’d control signals
  • Fan On / Fan Off trigger points
  • Multiple alarm trigger points
  • Custom alarm outputs
  • Fan speed (RPM) or board temperature reporting via I2C, RS232, MODBUS or any serial-type bus.
  • Provide PWM or VDC control signals to fans with built-in speed control
  • ATCA compliance for telecom applications



Custom Fan Speed Controls & Alarms – Applications

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