Fan Speed Control and Fan Failure Alarm Products

SmartFan Fan Speed Control Benefits

Benefits of using SmartFanfan speed control include acoustical noise reduction, environmental (humidity, temperature or pressure) regulation, greater product reliability, increased fan life, improved safety and energy savings. Applications that demonstrate these benefits are described below.

SmartFan Fan Speed Control Applications

motor speed control Pump Control

Pump Control
The SmartFan Stratus AC motor speed control products are capable of controlling AC pumps based on a control signal (0-10 VDC, 0-20 mA), remote transducer or temperature sensor input. Typical AC motor speed control applications include fan coil heating, hot water circulation, solar heating and radiant heating.
SmartFan Nimbus AC motor speed control products can be used for small AC pumps commonly found in hydronic heating applications.

motor speed control Smartfan Stratus

Clean Room Pressurization
Clean Room Pressurization
The SmartFan Nimbus, or fan speed control products can be used to maintain positive pressure in clean rooms.Connecting a pressure transducer to a SmartFan fan speed control will automatically adjust fan speed control to maintain pressure in the event of clogged filters, open doors, or other pressure changing events.
fan speed control SmartFan Nimbus orAC-VX

custom fan tray Electronics Cooling
Electronics Cooling
Control Resources offers several off-the-shelf fan feed control and fan failure alarm products that cover many electronics cooling applications. To meet individual customer requirements, Control Resources offers custom design and manufacturing services including custom circuit design, custom fan tray design, custom enclosure design, custom cable design and custom membrane design. All of these designs are produced and tested at our ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facility to ensure quality product delivered on time at a competitive price.
custom fan tray VariCool

fan speed control Humidity Control
Humidity Control
When a humidity sensor is connected to the SmartFan Nimbus fan speed control, the relative humidity in indoor pools, spas, locker rooms and bathrooms can be regulated automatically.
fan speed control SmartFan Nimbus

fan speed control Medical Equipment & Power Supplies
Medical Equipment & Power Supplies
Using fan speed control in medical equipment such as laser and ultrasound systems will reduce acoustical noise for patient comfort and regulate temperature for improved system performance and reliability.

fan speed control Telecommunications Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Control Resources specializes in fan speed controls for the telecommunications industry. The Vortex and Multi SD fan speed controls were specifically designed for telecom applications. Product features include:

  • Accepting diode OR’d dual power feeds from 10 to 75 VDC
  • Soft start and current limiting
  • Controls 12, 24 or 48 VDC fans
  • Fan speed control can be based on temperature, a PWM DC signal or via a serial communication (I2C) bus.
  • Multiple programmable alarm and fan speed control status outputs.
  • Voltage boost circuit that will maintain required voltage to fan even when supply voltage drops below that required.
  • approved and certified
  • ATCA compliance is available

The Vortex and Multi SD fan speed control products are very versatile. However, should your application not be met by one of these standard products, Control Resources can offer you a complete custom design/build solution which will be sure to address your needs. Since 1984, Control Resources has designed custom fan speed control and fan failure alarm products for over 350 custom applications. Long time customers include; Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, NorTel, Ciena, Marconi, Sonus, EMC, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu . If you don’t see exactly what you need in our catalog, let us quote you on a custom fan speed control or custom fan failure alarm product.

fan speed control boards

Fan Failure Alarms
Fan Failure Alarm
If cost, and safety are your overriding concern, the SmartFan family of tach sensing fan failure alarm product (TachScan or TachStrip) can fit the bill. These fan failure alarm products will monitor fan speed or equipment temperature and send an electrical signal that can light a LED, sound an audible alarm, send a logic signal or flip a relay.
Fan Failure Alarms TachScan or TachStrip

fan speed control Ventilation
SmartFan Nimbus fan speed controls can be used in conjunction with a ceiling fan, attic ventilator or duct fan to remove hot air or noxious fumes. Here at Control Resources, we use our own Nimbus fan speed control to sense heat from our wavesolder and reflow ovens, turn a duct fan on or off automatically and vary fan speed to reduce HVAC costs and increase fan life.
fan speed control Nimbus and Nimbus-HP
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