Custom Brushless DC Motor Controllers

The Problem:

Eddy 10+Navigator

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You have this great application for a BLDC motor, but it needs a brushless motor controller before you can validate the concept. You don’t want to throw money at expensive design services when you haven’t tested anything, but you can’t even turn the motor on without a controller.

The Solution:

The Eddy-10 is an off-the-shelf customer programmable controller for 24-48VDC BLDC motors up to 10 Amps. The Eddy-10 brushless motor controller is production ready, not a circuit schematic that you need to find a subcontractor to build.  With its built-in voltage, current, and temperature protection, you can concentrate on system testing, not troubleshooting damaged controllers.  The Eddy-10 includes a multi-color status LED to give feedback in the event a fault does occur, reducing troubleshoot time.

Eddy-10, with the Navigator programmer, offers the ability to tune the control system in real-time using production-ready, optimized hardware. The Navigator can even set the motor pole count so the speed setting represents actual mechanical revolutions. No more guess work.

Custom Brushless DC Designs


The Eddy-10 sounds great, but I need my control to fit inside a motor casing.


CRI specializes in custom design and manufacturing for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  In addition to being able to provide specialized variants of our standard product, we can also produce a full custom design based on mechanical constraints, power requirements and specific functions you require including:

  • Sensor or sensor-less designs
  • Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal wave forms
  • Custom circuit board sizes and shapes
  • Custom control inputs
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom voltage and current requirements








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