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Custom Analog Design – Irrigation Controller

Control Resources’ custom electronic design and manufacturing group utilized many of its core design strengths in developing this lawn irrigation controller for residential applications. This custom analog design presented a substantial firmware development project. Our Microchip design consultant engineers used the Microchip PIC platform to handle the job. Our experience with analog circuit consulting and design ensured a robust, full featured product. Several thousand of these irrigation controllers were manufactured, demonstrating our capabilities in custom analog design and manufacturing.


Custom Lawn Irrigation Controller 

Custom Analog Design for Lawn Irrigation

This controller was designed with the user in mind. The intuitive, self-prompting program designed by our Microchip design consultant engineers tells you exactly what you need to do, in a bright, easy-to-read LED display.
Each zone can be independently programmed to allow up to 4 start times per day and either every day, every other day or odd/even day watering. It can even skip the day when you usually mow your lawn. This provides a watering schedule that adjusts to all the specific needs of your lawn and gardens.

Other features include water budgeting, battery-less backup for program retention during power failures, indicator lights for trouble shooting, manual override and the ability to easily review your program. It even has a germinate cycle to allow up to 9 start times per day for newly seeded lawns.

This irrigation controller offers many features previously available only in expensive or larger commercial controllers, yet it is attractive and compact enough to put on your living room wall.

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