Fan Tray Assembly & Design

Fan Tray Assembly and Design with Integrated SmartFan®Controls


Control Resources specializes in custom fan tray design and assembly to compliment our line of off-the-shelf and custom fan controls. The most complicated component of a fan tray design is the electronics to control/monitor fan speed and report fan tray status. With our 30+ years of designing and producing standard and custom SmartFan controls and alarms for rack cooling, data center cooling and other applications, CRI has the capability to assemble, test and troubleshoot your custom fan tray design, greatly simplifying project management.

Custom Fan Tray Design for Telecom Cooling

Custom Fan Tray Design for Telecom Cooling

  • One stop shopping simplifies your custom fan tray design project management
  • Cable design and assembly
  • Multiple fan sourcing based on your requirements
  • Standard or custom fan tray controls and alarm boards
  • Prototype and volume production
  • HiPot testing capabilities
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance

Control Resources’ fan tray assemblies and SmartFan controls provide cooling for
some of the largest most demanding telecom companies and data centers in the world.




Before and After – Fan Tray Redesign Example

Click here or on the picture below to see an example of a custom fan tray assembly that CRI evaluated and re-designed to improve performance and reduce cost.

Redesign highlights:

  • On-board fusing to elimate extra cabling
  • Integration of fan failure alarm circuitry
  • Voltage regulation to protect fans
  • No major sheet metal changes
  • All at a 20% cost savings

More Custom Fan Tray Design Examples:

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