SmartFan® Fusion Telecom Fan Speed Control & Alarm

  • Fan speed control based on I2C, Thermistor or Analog Signal

  •    Controls up to 9 “3-wire” fans at up to 9 Amps
  •    Redundant power inputs up to 75 VDC
  •    Factory customization for orders as low as 50 Pieces
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Fusion-4 Datasheet Fusion-9 Datasheet

SmartFan Fusion provides more telecom cooling power (9 Amps), more DC fan speed control and alarm capability (up to 9) than any previous CRI product. In addition, the Fusion fan speed control offers the features & flexibility of its telecom cooling predecessor, the SmartFan Multi-SRIn order to fully meet the telecommunications industry’s first open standard for carrier-grade systems, the Fusion fan speed control will communicate with telecom cooling shelf management modules via dual IPMBs as specified by AdvancedTCA PICMG 3.0.  The fan speed control will provide FRU information, individual fan status and temperature readings. The Fusion accepts fan speed control commands and regulates fan speed using a buck regulator control circuit. The Fusion can also be configured for fan speed control based on temperature, I2C commands (single or dual) or analog control signal (PWM, 5.0 VDC). Configuration of the Fusion is settable via I2C interface or options can be set at the factory to your telecom cooling specifications.  I2C Design Tips: Check out our review of the advantages of using I2C Communication for Fan Speed Control in Telecom Cooling Applications.

In addition to the standard line of SmartFan telecom cooling controls and alarms, Control Resources also provides custom fan speed control design and manufacturing services to provide you with the optimum telecom cooling solution for your OEM telecom cooling application.

Specifications Features / Options
  • » Power Source: 36 to 75 VDC, single or dual (diode OR’d) power feeds
  • » High power efficiency, typically greater than 90%
  • » Current Rating:
    • – 9 Amps for Fusion-9 fan speed control
    • – 3 Amps for Fusion-4 fan speed control
  • » Fans:
    • – Up to nine 24 VDC fans for Fusion-9 fan speed control
    • – Up to four 24 VDC fans for Fusion-4 fan speed control
  • » Narrow 1.50″ width of the board allows for mounting in fan trays as thin as 1U (1.75″) high
  • » Includes hot-swap active inrush controller with UVLO/OVLO
    • – Active current limit: 10 Amps with 48 VDC applied
    • – Under voltage lock-out: turns on at 34 VDC, turns off below 30 VDC
    • – Over voltage lock-out: 78 VDC (+/- 3 VDC)
  • » On-board 3.3 VDC isolated power is provided for I2C and control signal interfaces
  • » Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C
  • » Storage temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • » Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • » Weight Fusion-9: 12.8 oz. (363 grams)
  • » Weight Fusion-4: 3.6 oz. (102 grams)
  • » RoHS (6/6) Compliant
    • » Each input power line is fused to protect against over current conditions
    • » Voltage adjustment is accomplished with a current mode buck control circuit
    • » OR’d MOS Relay and LED alarm outputs for fan failure, over temperature, sensor failure, microcontroller failure and loss of power to the Fusion
    • » Monitors open collector or voltage source tack pulses from the fans and provides OR’d outputs to drive LED, and logic alarms
    • » Configurable options via I2C interface:
      • – 1 to 9 fan operation
      • – Fan speed control based on:
      • – Read pass/fail status for each fan
      • – Read temperature from an on-board thermistor
      • – Allow access to EEPROM storage
    • » Factory configurable options, please contact us:
      • – Individual fan fusing
      • – Managed or intelligent FRU with dual IPMB communication for ATCA compliance
      • – 12 or 48 VDC fan speed control operation
      • – Fan speed control based on Analog Control Signal (PWM, 0-5 VDC)

SmartFan Fusion Telecom Fan Speed Control & Alarm Dimensions

Fusion-9 dimensions:

Fusion-4 dimensions:
SmartFan Fusion Fan Speed Control and Alarm

For CAD drawings, use the links in Additional Information below.

SmartFan Fusion Telecom Fan Speed Control & Alarm Part Numbers

Part Number Description
FUS900-F SmartFan Fusion-9 Telecom Fan Speed Control & Alarm for up to 9 Fans
H124-F Optional Hardware Pack with terminals, connectors and mounting feet
FUS300-F SmartFan Fusion-4 Telecom Fan Speed Control & Alarm for up to 4 Fans
H123-F Optional Optional Hardware Pack with Terminals, Connectors and Mounting Feet

Additional Information

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