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Fan Speed Alarm TachScan-9 SmartFanSmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm

Fig. 1: TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm
P/N 030M920-F

Fig. 2: TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm
P/N 042M920-F

SmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed AlarmOperation/Installation Manual

SmartFan TachScan-9 is a fan speed alarm that monitors the tach pulses from up to nine DC or AC fans and provides OR’d pass/fail signals. TachScan-9 fan alarm accepts any supply voltage from 10 to 75 VDC, which is ideal for telecom cooling applications. TachScan-9 fan speed alarm is compatible with any fan that provides open collector or voltage source tach pulses. Three fan alarm trigger speeds are selectable by jumper.
If the speed of any air mover falls below the trigger speed, fan speed alarm signals are generated. Fan speed alarm signals can drive LEDs, logic, optical isolators or MOS Relays.
In addition to the standard line of SmartFan controls and alarms, Control Resources also provides custom fan speed alarm design and manufacturing services.

Product Features – SmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm

  • Accepts any supply voltage from 6 to 75 VDC and distributes power
    to DC fans throughthe same header used to sense tach pulses. It
    can also be used to power the DC tachcircuits built into AC fans.
  • Nine inputs monitor fans with any open collector or voltage sources tach pulses.
    The setting of a dipswitch allows fan headers to be disabled when fewer than
    nine fans are connected.
  • Provides individual fan speed alarm outputs for each fan, which can drive logic, LEDs
    or remote optical isolators.
  • Provides OR’d outputs to drive two single LEDs or one bi-colored LED.
  • Provides simultaneous NO and NC isolated outputs from a Dual-Pole
    MOS Relay whichcan sink up to 100 mA to drive heavy loads
  • Jumper sets fan speed alarm trigger speed to 1,000, 2,000 or 4,000 PPM.
  • Compatible with any SmartFan speed controller.
  • Small size of 5” X 1.5” permits mounting in small spaces within fan trays, etc.
  • Optional fan fusing is available.
  • RoHS 6/6 compliant

Dimensions – SmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm

Specifications – SmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed Alarm

Part Number Fan Type Supply Voltage Range Maximum Input Current Maximum Output Current to Any Fan
030M920-F DC 6 to 60 VDC 8.0 Amps 4.0 Amps
042M920-F DC 10 to 75 VDC 4.0 Amps
030M92010-F AC 6 to 60 VDC N/A
H116-F Hardware Pack

Operation: -20°C to 65°C, Storage: -40°C to 125°C, 95% RH non-condensing.

Manual Pages – SmartFan TachScan-9 Fan Speed AlarmOperation/Installation Manual

Use the links below for addtional manual pages or for a complete manual or click on the Operation/Installation Manual PDF link above.

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