Raphael 4040 Delivers Selective No-Mask Conformal Coating

The Raphael 4040

The Raphael 4040

April 2023 – Control Resources, a leading supplier of microprocessor-based and power electronics to original equipment manufacturers, are excited to be expanding manufacturing capabilities to include the brand-new Raphael 4040 Robotic Brush Coater by Invention House. This tabletop robotic conformal coater will complement our existing production line. The Raphael 4040, uses a flow-through brush and precision peristaltic pumps to apply a conformal coating to the PCB surface. Since there is no overspray or masking required PCB production is faster with less waste. Raphael’s brush is programmed to move over X, Y, & Z paths to avoid sensitive areas. Coating thickness and brush speed is controlled from point to point on the PCB and from front to back delivering repeatable consistent coatings. The small, but powerful, Raphael 4040 can hold multiple boards or panels in its 225 square-inch PCB fixture. With no overspray or mixing, the Raphael creates a safer working environment for employees and eliminates area contamination traditional spray coatings create.

About Control Resources Inc

Founded in 1984, innovation, quality, and reliability have been the pillars of CRI products and services. Located in Littleton, MA., USA, CRI offers engineering expertise the original equipment manufacturers need to bring products to market quickly, reliably, and on budget. With over 30 years of experience, CRI continues to provide custom and off-the-shelf for microprocessor-based and power electronics designs for original equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.controlresources.com.

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