Custom Fan Tray Design

Custom Fan Tray Design – Fan Tray for Telecom Cooling

Control Resources’ custom electronic design and manufacturing group provided a dual telecom fan controller solution for this unique fan tray design. These custom fan controllers include three 3A power regulators for redundancy in each bank of 3 fans. A “master / slave” relationship between the two controllers exists for I2C communications to the backplane and for the initial power feed. Our experience with telecom fan controller design optimized this fan tray for maximum performance and reliability. CRI’s ISO 9001:2000 registered electronic design and manufacturing facilities have the capability to provide complete custom fan tray solutions from prototype to production.

Custom Fan Tray Design – Fan Tray for Telecom Cooling with Dual Controls

Custom Fan Tray Controller Specifications:

    • Input Voltage: -36 to -75 VDC
      • Dual input, diode OR’ed
      • Active current limiting for “hot-plug” capability
      • Fused at 10 Amps
    • Output Power: 216 Watts, 9 Amps at 24 VDC
      • Efficiency >90+%
      • Fusing at 2 Amps for each fan
    • Hardware:
      • Three separate 3A DC switching power regulators
      • Narrow 1″ width to fit between reach row of fans
      • Component mounting height above board below 0.08″ for 1U tray
    • Software:
      • Tachometer fan monitoring
      • I2C communications
      • Intertray communications

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Custom Fan Tray DesignFan Tray for Telecom Cooling

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