Custom Features

Custom Feature Options

With over 350 custom control designs to our credit, Control Resources is equipped to handle your specific requirements including any of the following features and services.

  • Custom packaging: including circuit board shape, customer specified connectors and enclosure design/build
  • Unique power or fan quantity requirements
  • Fan supply voltage limitation, “clamping”
  • Redundant “Diode OR’d” power supplies
  • EMI filtering
  • Hotplug capability
  • Full voltage startup
  • In-rush current limiting “soft start” at startup
  • Fan Control based on:
    • Temperature
    • Temperature differential
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • VDC input
    • Current input
    • I2C, RS232 or other digital interface
    • Remote transducer
  • Redundancy or multiple OR’d control signals
  • Fan On / Fan Off trigger points
  • Multiple alarm trigger points
  • Custom alarm output
  • Fan speed (RPM) and temperature reporting via I2C / RS232 interface or MODBUS
  • PWM or VDC control signals to fans with built-in speed control
  • Fan tray design/build
  • Thermal analysis services

Application Examples

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