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Custom Variable Speed Brushed DC Motor Drive – Permanent Magnet Motor DC Drives

The off-the-shelf Equinox variable speed brush motor drive is a next generation PWM motor control with the highest efficiency and flexibility in the market today featuring:  

Equinox Brushed DC  Motor Drive

Equinox Brushed DC
Motor Drive

  • 1.01 Power Quality Form Factor
  • 1/2 HP, 8 Amp rating
  • Detachable menu driven digital programming (Navigator Programmer)
  • 16 kHz PWM frequency providing: lower noise, cooler motor, and longer motor life

As no product can fully satisfy every application, Control Resources also specializes in custom design. Some of the features that can be added to a custom permanent magnet DC motor drive include:

  • Customized programming
  • Current ratings exceeding 5 Amps
  • Custom packaging
  • Dynamic braking


“You supply the idea, we provide the product”


Additional Information

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