CRI Introduces Universal Brushless DC Motor Controller

Apr. 2016: Eddy-10 is an off-the-shelf, customer programmable controller for 24-48VDC BLDC motors rated up to 10 Amps. While no single controller can be used for every BLDC motor, the proprietary design of this six step trapezoidal sensorless control has been able to run all BLDC motors (within its power range) tested to date. Control parameters can be easily customized using the menu driven detachable Navigator hand-held programmer. The Navigator can be used to set control input range (up to 10VDC), speed range, pole count, current /torque limits, acceleration/deceleration rates and on/off set points without burdening the cost of each controller. Profiles can be saved and copied to multiple controllers quickly and easily. The Eddy-10 also includes voltage, current, temperature protection and a multi-color status LED to give feedback in the event a fault does occur.

In addition to being able to provide customer programmable off-the-shelf controllers, CRI can offer specialized variants of standard products and full custom designs based on mechanical constraints, power requirements and specific functions listed below.

  • Sensor or sensor-less designs
  • Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal wave forms
  • Custom circuit board sizes and shapes
  • Custom control inputs
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom voltage and current requirements
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