Automatic AC motor speed & fan controller nimbusHP

SmartFan® Nimbus-HP – Automatic Fan Control / AC Motor Speed Control

*Note: Nimbus-HP is not recommended for new designs.

  • User Programmable control curves

  •    Controls one or more induction motor rated between 1 – 18 Amps
  •    50 Piece Pricing as low as $84.70 each, $69 in larger volume
  •    Factory Customization for orders as low as 50 pieces
Operation / Installation PDF

Nimbus-HP Datasheet

The SmartFan Nimbus-HP is a TRIAC based user programmable AC fan / AC motor speed control made for the OEM market.  The Nimbus-HP is designed to control any number of 1-phase induction motors with a total current rating less than 18 Amps.  The Nimbus-HP regulates motor speed from a 2-10VDC, 4-20mA control signal, transducer or up to three remote temperature sensors (sold separately). Control curves are customer programmable using on board DIP switches or can be customized at the factory for orders as low as 50 pieces. Typical applications include: humidity control, clean room pressurization, equipment cooling, heat exchangers, exhaust ventilators, pumps, duct fans & blowers.

CAUTION: The Nimbus-HP automatic AC fan controller / AC motor speed control is designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and is not intended for end-user or after-market applications. The Nimbus-HP should only be used with TRIAC / voltage controllable induction motors (Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) or Shaded Pole). Attempting to control a fan or motor that is not compatible could cause excessive heating and/or permanent damage to the motor.  Refer to the AC Motor Compatibility page for more details.

Specifications Features / Options
  • » Power source: 85 – 300 VAC (automatically detected), 1-phase
  • » Frequency: 47-64 Hz, automatically detected
  • » Output power ratings at 65°C: 1 to 18 Amps
  • » Motor type: Induction either permanent split capacitor (PSC) or shaded pole motors that have been approved for voltage control by the motor manufacturer
  • » Input power and motor connections: 1/4″ quick connects
  • » Control signal, sensor and alarm connections: Terminal Block
  • » Full voltage start pulse
  • » Storage temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • » Operating temperature: -20°C to 65°C
  • » Temperature accuracy and hysteresis: 2°C
  • » Weight: 1.25 lb. (567 grams)
  • » Weight with cover: 1.90 lb. (862 grams)
  • » RoHS (6/6) compliant
  • » Agency approvals pending
  • » Programmable control modes:
    • – 0-20 mA control signal
    • – 0-10 VDC control signal
    • – Up to three remote temperature sensors (supplied separately)
    • – Remote transducer (humidity, pressure, flow, etc.)
    • – Dual control option (i.e. temperature and humidity)
  • » Programmable temperature control mode options:
    • – Four full speed temperature settings
    • – Two control temperature slopes
    • – Four idle speed settings
  • » Dip switch allows user selectable settings of:
    • – Motor on/off threshold
    • – 64 fixed speed settings
  • » Remote alarm signal to indicate loss of control signal or over temperature condition
  • » Available with or without enclosure

Nimbus-HP Automatic AC Fan Controller / AC Motor Speed Control Dimensions

For CAD drawings, use the links in Additional Information below.

Nimbus-HP Automatic AC Fan Controller / AC Motor Speed Control Part Numbers

Part No. Power Source Output Power Rating at 65°C Enclosure Availability
TRC1800-F 85-300 VAC 18 Amps No 10pc min
TRC1800E-F Yes Stock

Additional Information

» Nimbus-HP Operation / Installation Datasheet (PDF)
» Nimbus-HP IGS CAD drawing (.igs)
» SmartFan Price List (PDF)
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