AC fan & motor control SmartFan NimbusII

SmartFan® Nimbus II – AC Fan Control / AC Motor Control

  • Wider & more detailed digital programming options for increased accuracy & flexibility
  • Improved electrical noise immunity (TRCEx00), 10X improvement in control loop response
  • Compatible with tighter tolerance & lower cost temperature sensors
  • Enclosure option
  • Factory programming for orders as low as 50 units
Operation / Installation PDF

Nimbus II Datasheet

Nimbus II is our 5th generation off-the-shelf 120/240VAC single phase controller compatible with TRIAC controllable fans and motors rated up to 7 Amps. The Nimbus II can be customized for your application using the Navigator hand-held programmer (pictured above). The Navigator can be used to create fan/motor speed control curves based on a control input such as a thermistor (temperature control), a variable voltage source (up to 10Vdc) or current source (up to 20mA). Other programming variables include: on/off set points, alarm trigger points, and startup voltage options. Simply plug the Navigator into a powered Nimbus II and scroll through the 12 variable menus, selecting the control inputs for your application. Programmed profiles can be saved and copied to multiple controllers with ease. Other features added to the Nimbus II include onboard fusing, improved electrical noise immunity, 10X improvement in control loop response and isolated control inputs.

Advantages over the first generation Nimbus controller include:

  • Easy menu-driven digital programming ( Navigator required )
  • Wider & more detailed programming options for increased accuracy and flexibility
  • Save & copy control variables from unit to unit
  • Improved electrical noise immunity ( TRCEx00 & TRCC700 only )
  • Onboard fusing
  • Lower voltage drop at full speed ( approximately 1% )
  • Compatible with new S-series tighter tolerance & lower cost temperature sensors
  • 10X improvement in control loop response
  • Onboard Power / Fault LED
  • All inputs isolated for added safety
  • Programmable soft start or full voltage startup
  • Enclosure option available

CAUTION – SmartFan Nimbus II is designed for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and is not intended for end-user or after-market applications. The Nimbus II should only be used with compatible induction motors (Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) or Shaded Pole) that are approved by the motor manufacturer for TRIAC (voltage) control. Attempting to control a fan or motor that is not compatible could cause excessive heating and/or permanent damage to the motor.


Specifications Features
  • » Power Source: 65-277 VAC, 50-60Hz
    automatically detected
  • » Approved Motors: TRIAC controllable PSC
    or Shaded Pole rated up to 7A
  • » Weight:
    • – TRC0300 = 2.1 oz. (58 grams)
    • – TRCE600 = 3.0 oz. (84 grams)
    • – TRCE700 = 4.4 oz. (123 grams)
    • – TRCC600 = 6.5 oz. (183 grams)
  • » Operating Environment: -20 to 40°C, 0-95% RH
  • » Control Input:
    • – S-series or P-series thermistor
    • – Up to 10 VDC input
    • – Up to 20 mA input
  • » Safety Compliances
    • -UL recognized to UL508, CSA-C22.2, File E100344
  • » Navigator Programmable Variables
    • – Control Input: Temp, VDC, mA
    • – Min & Max motor speed
    • – Min & Max control signal
    • – Motor on/off set points
    • – Speed on signal loss
    • – Alarm trip points
    • – Control stability
    • – Startup mode
    • – Temp Sensor Series Type
  • » Factory programming available for orders as low as 50 pcs
  • » Accepts up to 3 or’d temp. sensors
  • » 2-year warranty
  • » Made in the USA
  • » RoHS 6/6 compliant

Nimbus II AC Fan & Motor Speed Controller Dimensions

Nimbus II AC Fan & Motor Speed Controller Part Numbers

Part Number Current Ratings
(Amps @ 40C)
TRC0300 0.08 to 3A Board Only w/o EMI filter
TRCE600 0.15 to 6A Board Only with EMI filter
TRCE700 0.15 to 7A Board with EMI filter & mounting plate / heat sink
TRCC600 0.15 to 6A TRCE700 & Cover
PRG00-F N/A Navigator Hand Held Programmer
TRC3KIT 0.08 to 3A Includes TRC0300 & PRG00-F & mounting standoffs
TRC7KIT 0.15 to 7A Includes TRCE700 & Cover & PRG00-F

Additional Information

» Nimbus II Operation / Installation Datasheet (PDF)
» TRC0300 & TRCE600.stp
» TRCC600.stp
» TRCE700.stp
NOTE: If the CAD file opens as a new browser window with text, right click the link, select “Save Link As”, and select a local folder to save the file.
» SmartFan Price List (PDF)
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