SmartFan® Stratus II – Variable Frequency Drive / VFD

SmartFan® Stratus II – Variable Frequency Drive / VFD

  • VFD Control for Single & Three Phase Motors

  • 7 Programmable Control Modes & 18 Programmable Variables

  • PID Plus programming for constant pressure or flow

  • $126 each for 50 Piece orders – as low as $98 in Volume

Operation / Installation PDF

Stratus II Datasheet

SmartFan Stratus II VFD (variable frequency drive) is designed to control single or three-phase fractional HP, inverter grade motors via a transducer (voltage or current signal), building automation system (voltage, current signal, Modbus), thermistor, potentiometer, contact closure or Modbus RTU network.  This VFD can be customized in minutes using the menu-driven SmartFan Navigator handheld remote programmer or through the Modbus communications port.

Economical OEM pricing as low as $126 for 50 pieces – under $100 in higher volumes.

For an explanation of the Stratus II variable frequency drive motor requirements and risks, please see: AC Motor Compatibility

For a technical article on how the Stratus II AC variable frequency drive compares to other control technologies, see: Controller Comparison & Motor Efficiency

Specifications Features / Selectable Options
  • » Input Power: 115 / 240 VAC, 47-64 Hz, single phase, 5.7A
  • » Output Power: 115 / 240 VAC, 0-400 Hz, single phase or 3-phase, 4A
  • » For use with inverter grade motors
  • » Accessory Output: 5VDC @ 50mA
  • » Control Options:
    • – 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC
    • – 4-20mA
    • PID Plus (constant pressure, constant flow…)
    • – Potentiometer
    • – Temperature (thermistor)
    • – Transducer
    • – Modbus
    • – Fixed Speed
  • » Operation Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
  • » Storage Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • » Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • » Weight: VFD400E-F – 32oz (905g); VFD400-F – 22oz (625g)
  • » UL and RoHS compliant
  • recognized to UL508C, File E331664
  • » Three programming options:
    • – SmartFan Navigator PRG02-F handheld remote
    • – Windows PC USB port using a Modbus master application
    • – Factory customization and programming for orders as small as 50 pieces
  • » Programmable variables include:
    • – Control slope, 4 variables including on/off at idle
    • – Alarm trigger point and direction
    • – Ramp up and ramp down rates
    • – Programmable current limit up to 10 Amps
    • – PWM frequency
    • – Motor frequency and direction
    • – Contact closure polarity and frequency
  • » Over temperature protection
  • » Available with or without metal safety enclosure
  • » Contact closure allows settable on/off override option
  • » Onboard status LEDs
  • » Warranty: 2 years
  • » Made in the USA

Stratus II VFD Dimensions


For CAD drawings, use the links in Additional Information below.

Stratus II VFD Part Numbers

Part No. Description
VFD400E-F Stock Product, includes metal safety enclosure
VFD400-F No enclosure
VFD401E-F MODBUS, Contact Closure and Fixed speed inputs only, includes metal safety enclosure (10 piece minimum order)
VFD401-F MODBUS, Contact Closure and Fixed speed inputs only, no enclosure (10 piece minimum order)
PRG02-F* Stratus II Navigator remote hand-held programmer (for purchase or rent)
VFD4KIT-F Evaluation kit includes: (1) Stratus II VFD400E-F, (1) Navigator remote programmer PRG02-F, power and motor connection hardware

*Can be used to program Stratus II VFD Rev 4 and higher

Modbus Support Links

» Modbus communications support:

» Modbus master program:

  • – We use ModScan 23 from Win-Tech who offers a free demo version: www.win-tech.com
  • – Note: this demo is fully functional for one hour and then you have to start it again
» RS232 or USB to RS485 converters

  • – We use B&B Electronics model USOPTL4 for our USB to RS-422/485:  www.bb-elec.com
  • – Note: these converters are isolated to protect your equipment
» USB Driver:

Additional Information

» Stratus II Datasheet
» Stratus II STEP CAD drawing (.step)
NOTE: If the CAD file opens as a new browser window with text, right click the link, select “Save Link As”, and select a local folder to save the file.
» SmartFan Price List (PDF)
» Click here for Questions or Comments

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