Does Control Resources, Inc. have the electronics design expertise for your project?custom-brushless-fan-control

Since 1984, Control Resources, Inc. (located in Littleton, MA, USA) has been designing and manufacturing custom power electronics for some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies. CRI specializes in microcontroller-based controls for fans, motors (sub 2 HP), pumps and LED drives. Here are just a few of the companies that have partnered with us on multiple design projects.


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Why Control Resources?

Design Assurance Guarantee

fan temperature controller

As design fees account for less than 3% of CRI’s total revenue, we can and often do charge less than our cost for design work.

The goal: both CRI and the client will profit with volume production. Using this model, CRI assumes some of the client’s risk if the product fails to meet sales expectations.

If the product is successful, a pre-determined design fee buyout option ensures CRI will meet price, lead-time and quality expectations.


Design & Manufacturing Advantages

CRI is not a contract manufacturer that also offers design services.


We only manufacture what we design and we do it all under one roof. As a result, our overhead is leaner than your typical contract manufacturer and many designs are completed using 90-95% stock components. This unique model means we can offer:

  • Reduced project management time and costs (8-10 week design schedule typical)
  • Fewer costly minimum component buys
  • Reduced production lead time (5-6 weeks typical)
  • Reduced risk by using tried and true circuits and components

Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities

Our New England based in-house production capabilities include:

  • Surface mount and mixed production lines
  • Mechanical and cable assembly
  • No clean and water-soluble processes
  • UL inspected facility

Overseas Competition

There is only one reason to send production overseas; a low “quoted price” at high volume. If you know for sure that your production volumes are going to exceed 50,000 units annually and you have a designer (in-house or consultant) that has the expertise required and a proven track record, you have no need for CRI’s services. The extra travel time, communication issues, shipping costs, longer lead-times, tester, and troubleshooting hassles will be worth it. On the other hand, if projected volumes are uncertain, give us a try, with Design Fee Assurance you have nothing to lose.

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