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Custom Fan Speed Controls – Custom Fan Alarm Designs

Custom Fan Speed Control and Alarm Design Manufacturing Capabilities Special Stratus Design
SmartFan Stratus II VFD
Fan Speed Control


The SmartFan® line includes 18 off-the-shelf models of AC and DC fan speed controllers and fan alarms that satisfy a wide variety of applications. However, we can’t anticipate every application or new fan design. If customization is required, Control Resources specializes in providing cost effective, unique fan controllers, alarms and value added solutions to the electronics cooling and HVAC industries. With over 250 custom fan control projects completed for top Fortune 500 companies, CRI has the know how to tackle your next project.

Special Parameters for Off-the-Shelf Fan Speed Control

Custom Fan Speed Control and Alarm Design Manufacturing Capabilities Special Multi-SD Design
SmartFan Multi SD
Fan Speed Control


Many parameters of our off-the-shelf SmartFan® models can be easily modified via firmware or component values to meet custom applications. Some of these parameters include:

  • Idle speed
  • Control slope (sensitivity)
  • Control input (temperature, humidity, pressure, other…)
  • Alarm trigger points
  • Alarm signal output
  • Custom I2C or MODBUS communications


Customizing Fan Speed Control

Custom Fan Speed Control and Alarm Design Manufacturing Capabilities Custom Fan Control Design
Custom Fan Speed Control
for Telecom Fan Tray

Custom Fan Control VFD
with Power Factor Correction

Custom Fan Controller
in Fan Tray Design

Custom Fan & Light Control
with Touch-Screen Display

Below you will find a partial list of the types of features we have provided in the hundreds of custom fan control designs we have completed since 1984. Contact customer service to provide us the specifications for your next project. We will be glad to review, provide experienced insights and provide a quote. See the design & manufacturing overview page for other advantages of working with Control Resources for custom fan speed controller projects.

  • Custom circuit board dimensions and connectors
  • Unique power or fan quantity
  • Fan speed based on: temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, remote transducer…
  • Custom alarm outputs
  • Custom enclosures
  • Tactile switch keypad
  • Voltage regulation (clamping)
  • Redundancy
  • Hot plug capability
  • Full voltage startup
  • In-rush current limiting (softstart)
  • Boosting fan voltage above supply voltage
  • Touch screen display
  • Custom sensors and cabling
  • EMI filtering
  • Conformal coating
  • Power Factor Correction
  • PID control loop
  • Fan ON /OFF trigger points
  • Fan tray assembly
  • Fan synchronization
  • Multiple OR’d control signals
  • Multiple alarm trigger points
  • Two way I2C, RS232 or MODBUS communication


Custom Fan Speed Controls & Alarms – Applications

If you need a custom fan control & alarm product, contact Control Resources as we specialize in the custom design, manufacturing and packaging of fan and motor speed control solutions.


“You supply the idea, we provide the product”


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