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Brushless DC Motor Speed Control – Custom Electronic Design Consultant

This pump manufacturer was looking for a custom electronic design consultant to develop a brushless DC motor controller for a refrigerant pump application. By choosing Control Resources, not only did they get electronic design services, but integrated manufacturing as well. This 5 Amp motor speed control features a 3-phase, 6-step sensorless back EMF commutation design.


  • Accepts an 11.5V to 12.5V power source
  • Can output up to 5 amps
  • Motor control is 3 phase, six step sensorless, back EMF commutation
  • Varies motor speed based on 0-10V analog signal
  • Trapazoidal commutation
  • Circuit board measures only 1.00″ x 1.75″
BrushlBrushless DC Motor Control

Custom Brushless DC Motor Control



“You supply the idea, we provide the product”


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